Here is a beautiful post about flowers on this special day for Mother Earth. The meanings of the flowers are well-written and rather romantic!

Tales from the Fairies


In almost every culture in the world flowers have played an important part in the lives of human beings. Flowers appear in religious rituals all over the world, they are also a part of our ceremonies celebrating birth, adulthood, marriage and death. In India Hindus offer Flowers to the Gods when they pray. They put flowers on banana leaf boats and release them into the river carrying their prayers with them. In Japan there are flower viewing festivals called Hanamis to celebrate the blossoming cherry trees. In France they celebrate the Lily of the Valley on May Day.


The Victorian era was the age of the flower garden, and flower symbolism bloomed in these days and became part of the contemporary popular culture. The Victorians used flowers in everyday life, women wore flowers in their hair or pinned on their dresses, and bouquets were sent as Love tokens. The languageโ€ฆ

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