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7 Ways to Write a Short eBook, Fast

by Nina Amir from ‘The Future of Ink’

Here is an article with seven ideas for creating a quick read, or mini-book. Although this information was written down in 2012, it is as relevant today as though it was written yesterday.

What I find here about ways to write an eBook fast, is that I have other eBooks already written, from my blog, that can assemble very nicely into informative and helpful mini books. I had thought of this before but the actuality of it all seemed out of reach. Here in this article, I find that writing and self-publishing informative, quick reads, is easier than I thought and more plausible, meaning that there is now a whole new world of writing that just opened up for me! This is all honorable and some of it may sound like cut and paste, but discerning readers know when a writer contributed their own viewpoints and experience to the subject chosen.

I find this list full of fun opportunities to create prosperity from our God-given gifts, which is the goal when reaching for right livelihood.

Here is an excerpt from the article, that could be a positive game changer for some of us:

“Last, but not least, you can compile a question and answer book. This book is exactly what it sounds like: a book of your customers’ or clients’ more common questions answered by you. Again, this is easy to write or blog in short bits—one question with an answer per day.

A client of mine came up with 10 questions prospective clients most commonly ask; he actually discovered he had already answered most of these questions on his blog already and was, therefore, able to re-purpose existing blog posts for a good portion of his book. He wrote the remaining portion. You can easily do this from scratch as well.

By employing one of these seven short-book structures, you’ll write or blog your book fast. You’ll then be ready to get it edited, have a cover designed, and convert it into an ebook format. Before you know it, you’ll be using your short ebook (and maybe even a printed book, too) to promote yourself and your business.”

Read the rest of this article by visiting ‘The Future of Ink’:

So, here’s to you attaining healthy dreams! Plus, do take it serious that you have something unique to offer the world!

Thanks for reading and sharing my journey to spiritual fulfillment and prosperity!

Jennifer T. Webb

‘May Love Reign In All Universes, and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’




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