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Happy Summer!

Here is a list of EBooks, Printed Books, and Designer T-Shirts by Jennifer Webb

*FREE! Saved In The Last Wave: A Life Of Miracles Near-Death Experience Book

  • Free in Perpetuity Dedicated to God for the Miracles and for Returning Jennifer Webb Back To Life After Dying Twice while Drowning in the Giant Waves of Rincon, Puerto Rico!
  • http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/567302

*Bestselling! Commercial Real Estate: 10 Questions & Answers and 10 Steps To CRE Success

*The Philosophy of Youthing: Conceptual Mind Engineering

*Writer’s Journal: 30 Days Visualizations

  • Writing Exercises Journal. Visualize Your Way To Inspired Writing and Imagine Finishing Your Book In 30 Days!
  • Printed: http://amzn.to/29KIQmp


(New) Shopify ECommerce Online Store: The Eternal Mystic Goods

Designer T-Shirts & Fashion, Home Goods, and Accessories!

Women’s Fashions, Men’s Apparel, and even Designer Dog T-Shirts!

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