God’s unconditional love is comfort that comes from a place of understanding. What it doesn’t mean is that someone can do whatever they want and still be held in esteem. This is where conditional love comes in because without the desire to be a better person, all the love in the world would be for naught and it would be a reward for unethical and mean behavior. True love is both unconditional and conditional at the same time as it is with God’s mercy and accountability, for we each have to choose whether or not to live a life of faith.

In doing research on this subject, I see much negativity and bitterness about being loved by a creator whom allows bad things to happen. Living in a physical realm dictates conditions of life. I know this is a hard concept to swallow because it is sadly true that atrocious and unjustifiable events and actions happen on this earth and in the universe we were born into. No doubt this world is full of evil and nefarious persons and groups that get together just to devise a deviant plan to victimize and control others. No doubt that we humans have pain and suffering. No doubt that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. This harsh world is where we live.

God’s unconditional love is the only enduring, everlasting, living thing that was before humans and will be after humans. The whole point of life is to learn and grow until we return to the afterlife which is where our real, eternal home awaits. Getting to heaven takes a personal choice to accept the unseen and to believe in a faith that save lives and souls every moment around the world.

We are born with intelligence and the ability to reason through our thoughts to a logical conclusion. Humans have to choose their spiritual paths once all grown up and out from under the belief system of guardians and parents. For me it took living without spiritual comfort to realize that living alone in my egotistic reality made me my own worst enemy. God’s unconditional love was a personalized gift waiting for the moment for me to unwrap it.

Everyone can have this spiritual fulfillment by accepting comfort and self-forgiveness through the teachings of Jesus, but it does mean making a commitment to live a cleaner, more ethical life.

When I visited ‘the other side’ during a near-death experience, I felt God’s unconditional love in a profound and indescribable way. This kind of love supersedes a parents love for their children but it is a good way to parallel the feeling. When a parent or even a pet owner, watches the innocent actions of a child or animal and sees how vulnerable their little bodies are and how much they are in need of provisions for survival, the parent becomes filled with love, compassion, and the overwhelming wish to protect them and give them all they could ever want or need. Now imagine that feeling amplified by a gazillion and you touch on how much unconditional love God has for each of us, all one needs to do is ask for it.

Thanks for sharing my journey to spiritual fulfillment and peace!

‘May Love Reign In All Universes and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’


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