Stairway To Heaven. Image courtesy of Idea go at
Stairway To Heaven.
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Near-death experiences are gifts to humanity. Learning about life after death, either firsthand or through someone else, can enlighten and inspire us. They have become more well-known, but those whom have either experienced one or interested in them is still a small percentage of the world’s population. There is a bit of research on the subject, when one really gets to looking for it, but education covering near-death and out-of-body experiences is minimal. They are still considered esoteric, extreme and religious, when in fact, a near-death experience can happen to anyone at any time, irregardless of personal beliefs or opinions on the matter.

Most near-death experiences have happened to persons whom are not known for their visit to ‘the other side’. Most will not speak about what happened, except possibly one or two times to those around, after it happened and maybe share with those they trust the most. Sometimes the decision to talk about one’s supernatural, near-death experience correlates to the reactions of those whom first heard the story.

Those whom have visited a house of God, indeed came back to earth with their spirit transformed and a life changed. Yet, because of the stigma of either being viewed as a freak, abnormal, or ‘touched’, most end up holding their tongues quiet, going on about their business as though it didn’t happen, possibly believing it can make no difference in the physical realm. Guess what, that person is different now.

Some of us were so transformed, that there was no choosing the former life, because that life no longer existed. Others tuck the knowledge away into deep places of the heart, where it can no longer be seen.  They also kind of get away with it; kind of, not really, because they are different, whether noticeable to others or not.

I am shouting about life after death and the experience I had because it still rocks my world! No doubt I have had a difficult time embracing the new me and was upset about not being whom I had been before, because I was able to live in this world easier. After my visit to a house of God, I really had no choice but to live a new life based on the difference inside my heart, mind and spirit. For a time, I like many, chose to live with the new special knowledge secretly, from fear of how it was affecting my life.  Ultimately, since I feel defined by it and consider it a gift that I had a near-death experience, I decided to write the book and begin this blog.

Those of us whom have had near-death experiences, worry about credibility and being taken serious. It’s not like we made it up! The need for acceptance, as an intelligent person, by our peers and family is part of the human condition. As  human beings, when at our best, need viability and to make a positive difference, in the lives of those we love. If one feels shamed for talking about a supernatural event proving there is life after death, odds are that person will remain silent and try to live the same life as before the near-death experience or forced out-of-body, astral travel. What really needs to happen, is acceptance of unseen forces and magical occurrences in everyday life, then there would not be such a strange stigma surrounding us, whom have felt the spirit of God’s unconditional love.  Although, it is strange to have lived through my spirit leaving my body, then realizing I was alive, floating in space, knowing I was on ‘the other side’, then eventually, unceremoniously, slammed back into my body, by the last wave, during my ocean drowning, that was going to blast me down into the slippery, dark depths to my body’s death.

There really is more consciousness of self, when the spirit leaves the body. It took years to accept the gifts I seemed to inherit, when I came back to life. No longer fearing death is the greatest of these gifts.  Most folks, like I was before, are afraid of dying. Sharing with others the truth of everlasting life, is another gift.

Many persons wonder about the exiting of their spirit form from their body. Feeling blessed I was able to bask in God’s unconditional love, I say it was glorious! There are not enough words in the world to describe the intensity and beauty of God’s total acceptance of me, individually, as a conscious, thinking spirit. I didn’t always want this difference, but having lived through the arrow of time, I have learned to accept the way I am. Also, having traveled far and long, on the spiritual journey in the search for myself, it feels great to now have peace in my heart!

I understand how difficult it is to literally wake up and find oneself on a different path; the one to self-acceptance and becoming a more spiritual person. This usually means priorities will shift, thereby changing one’s life, but when viewed as a gift, then it is progress to find oneself more in the flow with the universe, than the day before. This can also be called being in a state of grace, when God protects, leads and inspires us to go to places we normally would not venture into, resulting in stronger faith.

Many people in the world look for a spiritual life, but find out very quickly that stepping on the spiritual path is usually the hardest path,  full of unseen obstacles. For some, the way to enlightenment is to spend gazillions of dollars and travel the globe, in search of personal, spiritual fulfillment. I did that for a while until I figured out the purpose of why I am alive. It’s a relief to not feel that wild need to move every year or two, frantically looking for something I have now found!

There are many purposes to one life, to live, but they all are different and dependent on the person. Embracing one’s gifts from God can move hearts to open and release fears. Building or strengthening communication with God, can release doubt of where one goes when one dies. Aspiring to live a better, healthier life of quality are great goals, but finding the reason to live, through God’s unconditional love, is eternal fulfillment of the soul. Near-death experiences are a gift to humanity, for their stories open a window, showing a future where we each live forever, comforted by everlasting, unconditional love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for every individual’s worship traditions and celebrations of the holiday season! God bless everyone!

To read more about the book and see my author’s page, please click the following link below: The Last Wave Near Death Experience, A Life Of Miracles!


‘May Love Reign In All Universes, and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’

Jennifer T. Webb


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