Writing and Poetry Contests!

Writing and Poetry Contests!

Short Stories, Poetry, and Writing Contests!

Enter Today!

For those who like to enter contests, here are a few to mull upon and for those who enter and win, promotion is a given for your current books!



The Prize is open to everyone, as long as the work is original and previously unpublished.
There is a 6,000 word limit.
The entry fee is €12 per story and you can enter as many stories as you like. 



Vallum Award for Poetry 2015

DEADLINE JULY 15, 2015 (postmark) * CONTEST NOW OPEN *

1st Prize: $750

2nd Prize: $250

+ publication in Vallum

Game on!
Some of the best poets in the world have graced the pages of Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. SEND US YOUR BEST!

Vallum is accepting original and previously unpublished poetry submissions for the Vallum Award for Poetry 2015. This year’s contest judge is award-winning poet, Stephanie Bolster!


$25 CDN for Canadian residents, $25 USD for international entrants, which includes a free one-year subscription* to Vallum



Register for the Freeditorial Long-Short Story Contest on WTD!

This may be the most important moment of your journey as a writer.

Register for the Freeditorial Long-Short Story Contest—and you could win up to 15,000 dollars!

There is no registration or entry fee! And you even get a present for registering! You’ll receive the report 10 Vital Self-Editing Tips  immediately after registration. Once you’ve registered, you can submit your story or stories at any time until the close of the contest on June 4th.

The Freeditorial Long-Short Story Contest on WritetoDone

This contest is for ‘long-short story fiction’, i.e. stories between 10,000 and 40,000 words. Entries must be in English. Ultimately, your story will be judged by its popularity and its literary merits.

The cool thing about this process is that the audience has a say in how successful your story will be! And you’ll get exposure as a writer, right from the start of the contest.



Thanks for sharing my journey to spiritual fulfillment and prosperity!

Jennifer T. Webb

‘May Love Reign In All Universes, and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’


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Welcome to AuthorsSupportingAuthors.

Welcome to AuthorsSupportingAuthors.

For Authors: Ronovan is stepping out with his new blog in honor of us self-publishers, i.e., indie authors. “Authors Supporting Authors: Authors United to Make Dreams Come True”! For all I have learned since entering the world of WordPress.com, I want to say thank you to all you wonderful, Courageous, creative individuals who live and breathe for inspiration. Indeed, our free, unheeded, imaginations and creative machinations are what takes us from ‘reality’ to other worlds of words!

Authors Supporting Authors

Welcome to AuthorsSupportingAuthors, Authors United to Make Dreams Come True. Here is my vision for the site. Authors join and agree to help each other with book launches. This is a central place to go to in order to find people to:

  • Agree to host some aspect of a book launch.
  • Find out if there are book launches occurring that might compete with their own.
  • Find people to form critique groups.
  • Find Beta-Readers.
  • Find advice from veteran Authors.

There will be pages for various things such as book launch requests, as well as another idea I have in mind. But I’ll be asking some advice for that.

The site is to remain professional. If you don’t like what’s going on, or agree with something, by all means you may visit another site. This isn’t the place for drama or games. We are here to help each other. I have my…

View original post 88 more words

To Self-Publishing Writers: 20 Sites to Create and/or Sale Ebooks on Plus 7 Sites Offering Print Services!

To Self-Publishing Writers: 20 Sites to Create and/or Sale Ebooks on Plus 7 Sites Offering Print Services!

Twenty Websites That Offer the Creative Platforms for Publishing and/or Selling EBooks!

Share Your Vision and Write That eBook! 

When I found this great list of self-publishing choices, it literally shocked, pleased, and overwhelmed me. These days there are many tools and available tutorials, plus high standard e-businesses that teach, complete, and publish eBooks. Some of these I have heard of and researched on my self-publishing path but there are some I never heard of and was quite pleased to find.

The possibilities are endless for those with a penchant for writing to get their work out there and maybe even create sustainable income from one eBook or more!

I am planning on releasing an audio and printed version of my current book, but at this time, all my focus is on marketing it as an eBook, which is just now being perfected. One thing that is holding me back from immediately going with printing my eBook is because lately information has come forward that many self-published, printed books are pirated and illegally reprinted through the print-on-demand companies. Once I figure out how to thwart such thievery, I shall go on with printed books, in addition to the eBooks and audio versions.

As far as eBooks go, the sky is the limit! Here are twenty great sites to explore that may inspire you to finish your book that is already started or begin writing a new book!

This is from the Hongkiat.com blog, who is sharing this great information:

“Hi and thank you for visiting Hongkiat.com, the site that features tips, tricks and tutorials for designers, bloggers, developers, techies, and readers who are hungry for creativity and inspiration.

It’s not easy to find a major publisher who is willing to get your novel out there but why leave your writing career in the hands of others when you can get your own eBook out there yourself. How about publishing your book in electronic form, as an eBook?

Well, we’re here to give you a list of websites to start you out in your career as a published eBook author. The following are places where you can sign up to sell your books in. Most of the sites have zero sign up fees and a majority of the sale (if not all of it) will go to you. If you’re not sure on how to convert your ‘great idea’ into an eBook format, some of these services will even handle that for you.”

Here is the site of Self-Publishing Choices (Click on the highlighted words below):

20 Websites To Create and/or Sell Your EBook!

To sweeten these choices on publishing an eBook, are are some choices for printing your eBook into a hard or soft cover edition (Click on the highlighted words below):

7 Self-Publishing Services

‘May Love Reign In All Universes and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’



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