To give some perspective on the rest of the story in the eBook ‘The Last Wave: A Near-Death Experience’, I thought the best way is chapter by chapter. When those are complete, then I shall delve deeper into all the subjects touched on in the EBook.

As some of you have noticed, I have written about self-publishing. The reason I have some inkling of an idea of how marketing the EBook works is because I dabbled in ethical internet marketing for a time. I even set up my website and had affiliate products, but all in all, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be not to mention having to work twelve or more hours a day. Selling products online is very much like selling products door to door. It’s cold calling and treasure hunts for customers. Even though I didn’t do great at that doesn’t mean the knowledge I learned is useless or redundant, for there have been so many sites I have had to set up to promote the book, that the way I knew what to do is because of this background in internet marketing. It is amazing how complicated setting up accounts, subscriptions  and posting fresh content is to get the word out that there is yet another published memoir of an unknown author whom is self-publishing on the amazon kindle digital platform. The difference in marketing others products and my book is the fun I was looking for because I am certainly enjoying walking this path of promotion for a story I wrote!

I want to thank all my readers for supporting my first book! There will be a follow-up book, not on near-death experiences, but on the rest of my life. What I don’t mention is that physically, I was ill and suffered for many more years, in the woman’s way, until surgery. Since this is a very complicated and emotionally heavy story, it needed told in a focused way that shows what women go through and more specifically, what I have experienced. This book will be mainly for women but written in a way that men will learn about the women and girls they love and why they are the way they are in their body. The impact of living with what we are born into, takes its toll in a world where there is very little sympathy or compassion for the suffering female. The daily trials women conquer is inspirational and amazing.

There really is not enough information for us girls and women whom need education and techniques to deal with a reality that won’t just go away. I shall also show how the miracle of my surgery saved my life, even though it didn’t necessarily make it better. I had to decide to do that, once again, because I could have given up because I was in pain for many years, but that is not what happened. I am alive and grateful!

Another word on a few other books I want to write, God willing and if I live long enough! One of my ideas is about children’s books and bringing back into the limelight some wonderful books that have been lost in time.

I have a love for Mother Teresa and her good works. When she passed away, most of the world did not know because it was about the same time as when Princess Diana passed away. I think it would be honorable to write about the real story behind Mother Teresa’s inspiration and how God constantly renewed her with enthusiasm for helping the less fortunate and the suffering. Of course, I dedicate it to her.

Anyone whom wants or wishes to, can write an EBook! There will be some forthcoming articles about the process involved to becoming an author, utilizing the great opportunity that amazon offers new writers!

Stay tuned and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

‘May Love Reign In All Universes, and Peace Within Each One Of Us.’

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